pap smear

Feb. 13th, 2007 06:31 pm
mplsfish: (HomerBudda)
What a gross sounding name for an unpleasant thing. It is my cervix, not my brain acting up. I have to go back for the uber pap smear, and possible biopsy. I am no more worried now than I was yesterday. Maybe less since I had a much less stressfull day. It feels distinctly impossible that this is worst case scenario. I think the abnormal result is from the drugs I am currently getting out of my system. I have had abnormal results before, caused by medications. If there is a side effect to be had, I'll get it.
Which doesn't mean you shouldn't be doing your equivilant of prayer.

In other news, still no heat though it is holding at 60. I assume that is heat leaked from other units in the building, plus computers, occasional oven, and space heater. We are sleeping comfortable and Osce won't be back untill friday. If it isn't sorted by then we will have a problem as there is only one heater.
Today I bled the radiators on the advice of the landlord. They are modern ones so I didn't know you could do that without a special tool. One did have some air. Not much though.
And I had an initial conversation about a possible job after I get the business sold. I was not as effusive as I would have liked. Ah well. I'll get to try again.


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