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After an enlightening conversation with [ profile] guppiecat at Fourth Street this weekend, I am adding ocean fish to my new crazy diet. Still avoiding Wheat and all other grains. No other meat.

So far I find I am not as hungry and don't crave food at all. I kind of miss how enjoyable a food is when you have been craving it.

Currently eating Wild Salmon (from frozen, alass for the middle of a big continent) with Broccoli from MY GARDEN! I also ate two ripe pea pods and several un ripe. This represents my greatest gardening success to date. Last year I got a few cucumbers and a lot of inedible squash.
The broccoli is from volenteers from last year. Not sure but I think they wintered, not seeded. There were no blosoms to seed from last year. They got tall before the bugs came out and are doing well. The bottom leaves are riddled with holes but the tops are beautiful.

Also, who wants mustard greens? They are getting ready to bolt and I find them too spicy for me. Pluss side, nothing else wants to eat them either so they are big and beautiful.


Feb. 23rd, 2008 04:42 pm
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I just placed my order for Heirloom seeds. $100 worth. I do not plan to plant all of them this year. There are others sharing the order too, to save shipping. I am excited. Chickens and garden. Hope to avoid conflict between them. :)

Next stop is Mother Earth Gardens for organic mineral supliments. And maybe fertilizer. I'll have to see how much compost I get out of the old barel.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be burning stuff in the back yard. Come on over if you are interested. I mean sticks and other garbage. This is not a euphamism for barbeque. Just a fire.
Email for the address if you are intrerested.
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Both my accounts are positive and my Gladiolas bloomed. I had to clean a fridge but then I got to talk to the old hippie. I watered and weeded. I have stem borers in my squash vines but I have a kolrabi ready to eat right now.

Today was a good day.


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