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Early friday morning Osce climbed into bed with me. Usually he does this because something woke him up. Either his room got too cold in the night or he wet the bed and got cold that way. So later that morning I asked him if his bed was wet. It is important to ask. Not talking about things emphasises them as much to a child as harping on them. Don't want to give the impression it is too terrible to mention. Plus, I firmly believe bed wetting is entirely out of the controle of the child. It is just a thing. Probably genetic. I did it. So did my dad.
Anyway, I said "Osce, is your bed wet?" He said in his high, cheerfull voice,
"Yours too."
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Web sights about ADHD are full of typos. Especially the kind missed by spell checkers. And not just the ones with a lot of comments from the readers. We're talking professional and medical as well. Sort of bears out the notion that people go into a field of medicine as a form of self diagnosis.

We are having good results with small amounts of caffiene. I have just been checking the literature on it. It seems, milage may vary. I have established that it works and pretty well. Now I need to see how long it lasts. I sent him a Barq's rootbeer with his lunch today and when I picked him up at four thirty he was acting out in his usual too rough way. We got home and I gave him a cup of sweet coffee drink, and he did his homework and is now playing piano. And I mean playing, not messing around.
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Childbirth is painfull. Motherhood is excruciating.
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Here is a run down of my last two weeks.
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I realized this weekend, I have achieved several childhood dreams of adulthood.
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I often feel like an adult in the sense of "Why doI have to be the grown-up?" It is nice to be getting the perks too. Like eating all the desert I want.
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I got a call from the principal yesterday. It said, "Call me. BTW Osce is not sick or injured."
Well, that leaves in trouble.
Yep. He has been hitting. He is on the list to get an apt with an ADD specialist in mid november, but I am trying not to involve the school in that if I can help it. Call me paranoid. I won't argue.
It occurred to me after, that it makes some difference who the other kid was. He has a difficult relationship with one in particular. He is constantly chalenging the veracity of Osce's statements. O pulled me over to this kid once and demanded I inform him Osce was SEVEN. Last year he refused to believe Osce was six.
Principal was concerned that he may have speach problems. Well, yeah but no teacher ever thinks it is anything to worry about. It usually comes out when dealing with emotional issues. I have seen Osce take a year to confess to a misdead. I was proud he had been working through it in his way. He is not insensitive completely. But he does have an ...inward focus. In a adult he would be self absorbed. I believe there is a lack of empathy in him. Not total, but stunted. He is very busy with his own issues. Others do not seem important. Another view is, he feels secure in the rest of the world getting along without him.
Trying to decide if I should tell him he can be suspended for this. I would actually phrase it as he may not be allowed to go to this school any more. He has a growing awareness of concequences but is still behind on that front. I don't want to be the one to escalate.
He could still change classrooms with a minimum of disruptionto him. One of the other first/second teachers was his kindergarten teacher last year.
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We have contact. Osce just spent the evening with the chicken poxiest kid I have ever seen. The timing should put him at his dads house for the worst early stuff, then to me for the itchy stuff. Maybe the other way would have been better but I didn't get to choose.
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I have been a little amused at the things some people have been afraid of for ever. People my mom makes fun of. There was a small dedicated group for years who opposed vaccines of any kind. Didn't vaccinate thier kids. Now it turns out the drug companies were poisoning the vaccines with mercury. Not what they thought they were afraid of, but serious. Then there is Smoking. My mom smoked during pregnance and they told her she would have a premature, underweight baby. I was two weeks late and 8.5 lbs. She laughed at them. Now I hear a new thing caused by smoking during pregnancy almost every time I go in for anything. Many of them things that affect me.
So I continue with natural alternatives wherever I can. I don't always have a solid reason to fear modern medicine, but one will come along.


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