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It hit me today. I went to Al's for breakfast. Rachel stood up for me at my wedding. We went to Al's first. I was so excited. I wanted to make an announcement to the whole place but I am just not a performer.
So I cried through breakfast.
I got to visit her in the hospice about a week and a half ago. She was asleep. She opened her eyes a little but was pretty much non responsive. When I got to the car I cried for a long time.
She was the most gracious person I ever knew. Always there with a gentle phrase. The truth, but never abuse.
In college she saved my life. I was suicidal. I called her two or three or four or five times a week. She always said "come on over". Her welcome gave me the breather I needed to see my problem clearly and attack it. Her acceptance of me let me accept me.
We were never really close. But I held her as an icon.
So much death.


Jan. 9th, 2006 10:10 am
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I lifted this wording, and you may have seen something like it, but there you are.

My dear friend Rachel (jcoppercorn on LJ) has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. In response, the many creative friends of her and her husband Scott (pied_piper70 on LJ) are hosting a benefit for them. The purpose is to create some more new memories of and for Rachel with money as a secondary.

Even if you do not know them, this will be an event to remember with some of the finest local bands performing. See the website for more details.

There will also be a silent auction, which is quickly gathering some very exciting contributions.

Please take the time to check things out and consider attending and / or donating.


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