Wally Wally

Aug. 4th, 2008 09:46 pm
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I am taking Wally to the vet tomorrow. I don't think he wil be comming home.


His full name is Wallingford C. Cat.
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Chocolate covered cherries from Widmans in GF make me emotionally happy and satisfied.
Sugar makes me cough.

Now I am dizzy too. It may be an extension of the constant tired. It may have been the smell at the vet this afternoon. or the stress of being nice to the vague, cranky old lady.
She kept wally overnight. She uses sedation to take blood. She also wants a stool sample. She thought a tooth looked "questionable". But at his age the possibilities are almost literally endless.

Another complication (back to me) is yesterday I had an actual alergic reaction. probably pollen. All the trees are blooming. Sneezing, wattery eyes won't stay open. I have a call in to check the xrays. My Dr is out of town, but someone will call back tonight.
A difficult night for getting to sleep. Led to even more difficult morning for getting up. Got to school late. The boy doesn't want my help getting a pass. Got home to prepare for work and school called. O missed his bus for the field trip and is now crying in the office. Can I drive him to the Science museum? I had to move a job to do it, but I then finnished with enough time for a short nap.

Just now, "MOM! I spilled my spaghetti O's...
...on my bed.
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Wally is not eating. With three cats it took a little while to notice. Vet tomorrow. In the mean time she suggested meat baby food. I have been giving him butter. I think it is a tooth. Hopefully just antibiotics and all is well.

Still sick

May. 15th, 2008 10:49 pm
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X-rays of face and chest today. Will know more monday.

After two Doctors, my mom and almost every friend suggested sinus infection, I finally got the x-rays taken. I will believe it when I see them. By which I mean, I'll consent to take antibiotics at that point.

Wally and I watched the French Connection tonight. Good movie. I disagree with every premise, but well made and acted. I felt like I got a glimps of a male culture that is all but extinct now. And I am glad I never had to live in it.

Wally seems to be drinking a lot of watyer. With three cats it is a little hard to tell. He might be insisting on drinking MY water out of luv and cantankerousness. He appears to be comfortable. I learned of a Vet clinic who will send someone to your home for euthinasia. Not there yet, but that is where we are going. He is too frail to pet with enthusiasm. Even his jaw seems too sensitive. So old. I once met a 22 year old cat. Wally is 17. This could go on for a while. But I won't let him suffer. :\
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My cat Wally is OLD. At least 17 by my reconing. I got him as an adult though, so that first year could have been more.
He is starting to seriously show his age. His spine is prominent. I pet him with care. His hair is always dirty looking but it is hard to tell if that is old age or normal. He was always a little funny looking.
But smart. He turned on the bathtub once. He has me trained to a T on many issues. He uses his feet like hands. Even eats with them sometimes. When I let him out for some sun, he ALWAYS goes all the way to the street for just a minute before coming back to lay in the sun in the yard. Just to let me know it was his decision not to run off.
He spends a lot of time in my lap. Anytime I have one in fact. He gets anoyed if I go upstairs. It is a lot of work for him to get there too. He has aged a lot in the last year.
Well, today I turned my back on him for just a minute and he stole all the meat off my plate.


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