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Meltedeyes came over full of gloom and doom about fried hard drive and we discussed several options including a box with all parts except hard drive which he would part with for very little $$. He took the old box home and it turned out to be power supply and nothing more. But having resigned myself to paying for new, better components I wanted to get the 'new' box. So all is now well. Thank you to all of you who offered to help. I appreciate you very much.

I am in ND at Moms. Just finished slaughtering six middle aged roosters. They didn't hit the block while young enough to eat and were wreaking havock with the hens. Several hens drowned in the mud because the horney bastards would gang up on them. That image helped me with any lingering squeemishness.
Two days of 'vacation' to go and plenty of work. Mom bunged up her knee so I'll be rototillering and I hope planting. The green house needs plastic on roof and walls in case it never warms up enough to plant. Sunday is my birthday and we are going to Whiteys in E Grand Forks. One of the best bar-resteraunts of all time. They served me my first alcholoic beverage I ever had in public. I was too shy to enunciate the 'virgin' in my daqueri.
I got a big load of yard tools for a b-day present. I like them much.
I have no idea what time to leave monday for the least traffic. Suggestions? Six a.m. is not my favorite, but I REALLY hate sitting in traffic. Especially at the end of a road trip.


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