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I got the remaining two tattoo's done last night at Zap's in Stillwater. I would like to reccomend thier work, but the atmosphere was pretty juvenile. Lots of punk music, too loud. I suppose that is du jure in tattoo parlours. Anyway, I am pleased so far. The one I may have doubts about is on my back so If I don't like it it will be hard to figure that out.
Pictures soon, I promise.
I went to Illinois this last weekend (instead of minicon) to see a naturopath there. And Andrew Calhoun of course. The Dr had a device for measuring the energy in acupuncture paths. It was cool. It made a whirring sound and put the results on a graff on the computer. I have a weak three fires. Which translates as a need for iodine to stimulate thyroid and adrenal production. He gave me a supliment to take. I would like to say it worked imediately but it will take a month or more to see if there is any lessening in the swing of symptoms. I do feel better now I mean, but it could have happened anyway. Still getting a mess of blood work done at the western Dr this week. More information is better. She is not a pill pusher, for which I love her. And she loves my ink. I can't wait to show off the new stuff.
I am sporting the latest in off the shoulder sleep wear. fresh tattoos hurt. Also, the one on my back hurt like nothing before. Birth, at least, was involentary. I don't think I'll be doing this recreationally.


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